Famous Polish Restaurant and Art Cafe


year of establishment 1895

Cracow ul. Floriańska 45 - King's Road

TEL. KOM. 796 998 248

TEL./FAX 12 422 15 61



The most famous Restaurant and Art Café in Cracow and Poland, very well known for almost one hundred years. Here most outstanding artists have met, here the cabaret “Zielony Balonik” began to exist and here the spirit of “Mloda Polska” was born.

Michalik’s Den, Krakow, Old Town – the most famous restaurant, artistic cafe, and also museum of Art Nouveau and Young Poland’s painting. Over 120 years of literary traditions, cabaret, famous pastries, confectionery and great dishes. This is where Cabaret ZIELONY BALONIK was created. The Young Poland Spirit was born. This is where Cabaret ZIELONY BALONIK was created, and the spirit of The Young Poland was born. Obserwuj

Kawiarnia Jama Michalika zaprasza na:

In “Jama Michalika“ we offer you marvelous


including “Wawel” cake, “Michalik” or “Barbakan”, we also recommend “Kremowki” and cheese cakes. Gorgeous ICE CREAMS of many flavors are prepared (on the base of traditional recipe) by our confectioner

We would like you encourage you to try our alcohol drinks, cocktails and traditional Polish alcohol beverages made on the base of honey. We highly recommend traditional Polish food:

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It is possible to book:performances for schools and organized groups cabarets performances, recitals, satirical performances banquets, meetings suitable for the occasion ( prices may be negotiated )